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«Sett fra oven» (seen from above) is Norway's first series of aerial photography books. They show how Norwegian cities, towns, valleys and municipallities looks from the air. Using oblique images and the best photo equipment available for the purpose, we have given readers eye-opening experiences of how their home and home areas looks like from the bird's-eye perspective.
If you are a foreigner living in Norway, if you have moved away from Norway, if you have been here as a tourist and want to refresh your memories or if your ancestors emigrated from this beautiful country: you can now experience it all from this books. From our list of books you can see if your town or area is covered. The photographs presents buildings and architecture, the magnificent nature, our amazing mountains, cultural heritage and the fantastic Fjords. The photos are commented with interesting and detailed facts in both Norwegian and English language.

The history of the "sett fra oven» book series is the story of two men who got to know each other trough a common interest of history, and after a while got an idea they both had the capacity and bravery to go for.
One is a photographer with his own aircraft. The other is a journalist. From 2013 other people are involved during the production. The result is a book series never before published in Norway.

The books are printed in A4 and on high quality paper. They have delighted and surprised many Norwegians. The authors aims to present as many cities and towns as possible from the air. In the years ahead, more and more towns, cities and villages will get their own aerial photography book.

«Seen from above» series is produced by:

Lasse Tur

from Nesøya in Asker. Now in his 26th season as an aerial photographer.


Oddmar Stenhaug 


from Skedsmo. Retired police officer, now a pilot.